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IPRO Visible Laundry Tag

Thanks to it´s high sensitivity, Visible Tags are probably the most powerful UHF RFID tags on the market. Price - Performance wins ... 

IPRO HF Laundry Tag

Thanks to it´s robust production process, IPRO HF Tags are thin and powerful. Price - Performance wins ... 

Hot Seal Equipment

A heat-seal machines and materials for the thermal transfer (heat sealing) of labels, emblems and repair patches to garments and textiles of all kinds 

Mobile Reader

Mobile Reader incl. "Mobile Gate" is a compact and cost-effective mobile linen inventory management tool designed for industrial application like laundries as well as hotels and hospitals, Garages, etc !

Fixed RFID Reader

RFID readers, which can also write data depending on the particular model, generate an energy field of high-frequency electromagnetic waves which the RFID transponder (RFID tag) is exposed to, via a connected antenna. 

RFID table station

RFID table station reader. Mobile writing/reading station for commissioning or initialising goods. 

RFID Table Antenna

To have a functioning RFID system, choosing the correct antenna is especially important. Differing properties of the RFID antennas are required for different areas of application and an ideal process optimisation. 

Black Hole UHF RFID Laundry Gate

A reading portal for incoming and outgoing textiles without doors. Thanks to tagitron's protected antenna development, it was now possible to read through the portal ( in fast movement ) without reading out of the portal ( strayreads ). Thanks to our "RFIDgate" it is nowadays possible to read bulks of 1500 pcs. without loss of accuracy. 

Black Hole UHF RFID Laundry Tunnel


RFID Transponder Development


UHF RFID Cabinet System


UHF & TTR Printer

Robust printing unit with large colour touch display and self-explanatory icons for intuitive operation. Ideal for pre-cut labels for many laundries, nursing homes and hospitals  

UHF e-paper Sorting Solution

Simplified sorting of laundry items for dispatch  by "Pick by Light" or "Put by Light" e-paper System as free-standing system or mounting set  

RFID Gate Software Solution

tagItron released it´s first version of the "RFIDGate" Middleware in 2017. RFID Gate Middleware is a standard software tool for administering and displaying performance data within the laundry. Now RFIDGate serves as a link between the entire tagItron reading stations and the IOT. 

RFID Retrofit Solution

With the installation of the first RFID retrofit kit for sorters in September 2018, tagItron textileID launches a standard  UHF readingsystem to close the process gap within the laundry 

Hardware & Software Development

Individual and personal consultation in relation to finding solutions to technological and economic matters or we could just simply make the impossible possible. For this purpose, we conduct a feasibility study in order to identify your objects in the material flow, analyse and optimise your logistics processes and develop transponders, antennas and hardware with the aid of simulations. 

LEX product certification

The LEX certification (LEX = Laundry Excellent Quality) is the leading independent, multi-vendor certification of the most up-to-date UHF RFID transponders in the field of textile applications and combines measurements for process performance in the usual processes of a textile service provider as well as measurements of RF process performance and a combination from these

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